Employment & Labor Law


Employment-related disputes can have far-reaching implications, creating not only litigation and regulatory risk, but potentially affecting a company’s brand, reputation, ability to attract and retain talent, and market share. Our attorneys focus on devising preventative strategies to mitigate employers’ risk of litigation and to ensure that the businesses we represent remain compliant with current laws. Our primary goal is to give our clients the peace of mind they need to safely achieve their business goals while continuing to promote their workplace culture and values.

We offer a full range of employment and labor law services. Our attorneys are skilled in handling complex employment litigation including class-action lawsuits, mediations and arbitrations, and defending against allegations of wage and hour cases, wrongful termination, employment discrimination and harassment, and noncompetition violation. Our attorneys regularly counsel clients in connection with the ever-increasing number of federal and state statutes and regulations affecting the employer-employee relationship.

Our team also offers preemptive, preventative counsel and strategic insights to companies, including employment compliance audits, customized training programs, and the review of in-house employment and whistleblower policies, training and compensation arrangements.

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