Healthcare Litigation


The healthcare industry is highly regulated and without strict compliance to the regulations healthcare providers are susceptible to sanctions and litigation. Being aware of and following the ever-changing rules, regulations, and laws is crucial. Our attorneys are mindful of any changes that affect the industry, particularly from the Department of Health and from the Department of Labor, and we work alongside our clients to ensure that they have implemented all of the necessary measures to remain compliant. At Sinayskaya Yuniver, PC, we tailor our services to specific segments of the healthcare industry, including but not limited to home care agencies, nursing homes, hospitals, pharmacies, medical offices, acute pain facilities and surgery centers.

The healthcare industry is subject to frequent changes in the law and shifting requirements. Healthcare providers must concentrate on cost-effective ways to manage and grow their businesses, despite significant uncertainty in the industry. At Sinayskaya Yuniver, PC, our dedicated and experienced healthcare lawyers understand these market demands and assist healthcare providers with a variety of issues such as regulatory compliance, large scale litigation or class-action defense, and transactional matters.

Our team focuses on devising innovative and creative solutions to help our clients in the healthcare industry protect their assets and increase their profitability. We provide legal assistance in developing strategies to avoid litigation and manage risk. Whether it is for practitioners or facilities, our team is well versed in how to obtain proper licensing and certifications. Our attorneys are familiar with all details and requirements and are able to ensure that our clients in the healthcare industry operate legally and successfully.

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