Compliance and Regulation

Policies and procedures demonstrate how an organization conducts its business operations. They ensure compliance with laws and regulations and provide management with crucial guidance for daily decision making. We are experienced in drafting carefully tailored policies for a wide variety of business entities. Additionally, our attorneys assist in supervising the successful implementation of procedures with a special focus on maintaining continuity within the organization.


Licensing agreements are necessary to protect your business and its assets. Our attorneys concentrate on helping organizations procure and maintain licenses in a variety of fields. Drawing on our experience, and vast network of connections, Sinayskaya Yuniver, P.C. is uniquely qualified to successfully assist businesses with issues related to the acquisition or retainment of any type of professional license. Some of our most frequent requests are for regulatory and government licensing assistance, vendor licenses for food and liquor, and pharmacy licensure.


Periodically conducting an internal audit of a business is crucial for the identification and removal of irregularities which can potentially evolve into future calamities. Audits can also serve as a potential deterrent to litigation and can be seen as a show of good faith if litigation ever becomes unavoidable. Under the supervision of Sinayskaya Yuniver, P.C., an internal audit can evaluate and strengthen legal compliance, help pinpoint potential areas of improvement, and even identify key market drivers that may not have been previously apparent.

Our extensive experience with commercial and government payor audits and disputes ensures that if litigation does arise, we are able to respond efficiently and help prepare for all investigatory matters.

Entity formation

The process of choosing and forming a legal entity for a business will indicate how the business is to be governed and what legal procedures the entity must follow. The entity of choice also dictates the tax obligations of the business and of the business’ owners. Our attorneys will advise and assist in the formation of the most suitable entity based on the owners’ desired business objectives. Possible entities may that we may assist you with include: Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, Limited Liability Company (LLC), Corporation, Nonprofit.


A partnership formally establishes the partners’ rights, roles, and responsibilities towards each other as well as to the partnership and offers flexibility for an organization’s operations. It is important to carefully define this relationship in order to avoid potential conflicts in the future. Our attorneys are experts at spotting prospective issues and drafting partnership agreements aimed at safeguarding the interests of all parties.

Purchase or sale of business

Buying a business is a significant transaction that requires careful preparation and oversight. The attorneys at Sinayskaya Yuniver are adept at mitigating risks and minimizing potential issues associated with the purchase and sale process in order to ensure a successful transition to the client.

Our attorneys assist throughout the negotiation process as well as with drafting and compiling the extensive documentation required for the transaction. Our experienced attorneys are here to facilitate the process by maximizing the business’ worth and negotiating the sale price for our clients. We also take particular care in drafting contracts that ensure the highest levels of protection of our clients’ interests.