Commercial Litigation


At Sinayskaya Yuniver, P.C. we assist our clients in dealing with disputes that have surfaced or have the potential to surface in relation to a wide range of business matters. Our firm has successfully represented clients in all stages of commercial litigation, ranging from smaller localized disagreements between partners to complex large scale international business disputes. We offer unparalleled coverage, experience, and service across many industries.

If a dispute arises, we ensure that our clients are equipped with the resources, experience and knowledge required to reach a swift and positive resolution and to implement measures to ensure that future disputes are avoided. At Sinayskaya Yuniver, P.C. we recognize that litigation requires appropriate strategy and we take the time to consider our clients’ business needs, priorities, and objectives. Our attorneys attentively assess the merits of a dispute and bring personal attention, extensive industry knowledge, and substantive legal expertise to each matter, tailoring advice to clients’ unique circumstances.

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