With the addition of a recent amendment to Section 201 of the New York Labor law, employers are now required to provide digital and online copies of all labor law posters that the employer is required to display as of December 16, 2022.

Under the new amendment, employers are required to send copies of all of the relevant labor law information posters/material that they are required to display to their employees via email or through their company’s website.

The amendment applies to posters that the employer is required to post under both state and federal law. The amendment does not eliminate the requirement to display versions of all required posters in a conspicuous manner in a location that is easily accessible to all employees.

Employers should make sure that they have the most recent version of all the required posters and should distribute the posters to their employees either to their employer-provided email addresses or to the personal email addresses supplied by the employees.  If employees have not provided an email address, be sure to obtain one from all such employees.

Employers should also consult with their webmasters and/or web designers to develop a method for displaying/distributing the posters on their website. While the law does not specify what websites qualify, an employer’s use of a private intranet site that all employees can access may be sufficient. Once the company’s website has been updated to display the posters, employees should be provided with notice informing the employees that the information is now available online and providing them with instructions as to how to access them.

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